What is the antiskid material for toilet? Don't fall down to regret

What is the antiskid material for toilet? Don't fall down to regret

We all know that the toilet space has a high humidity and can't be prevented from sliding when it's wet. We all need to pay attention to the elderly and children at home. What kind of anti-skid materials should we take when decorating the toilet? Anti skid materials are very important, so we should avoid being fooled. We should learn to see what kind of anti-skid materials are suitable when we choose them Our family! Come and watch!

1、 Antiskid material type of toilet floor

Because of the high humidity and large water consumption, the floor decoration materials of the toilet are usually floor tiles. Whether the floor tiles are antiskid depends on the friction of the floor tiles in the toilet. Generally, the surface of indoor floor tiles with good anti-skid performance usually has concave and convex lines or other forms, so that the floor tiles have a certain roughness, so as to increase the friction between the brick surface and the user's sole, and play a role of anti-skid.

The skid resistance of vitrified tiles in toilet floor tiles is general. Although the water absorption rate is low, the surface is polished to mirror effect. The friction force of vitrified tiles is small, and the hydrophilicity is strong, and it is more slippery when encountering water. The skid resistance of polished tiles is poor. After polishing, the surface is bright and smooth, and the skid resistance is poor. It is not recommended to lay in the space with high requirements for skid resistance, such as kitchen and bathroom; The anti-skid performance of the whole body brick is good, and this kind of brick is generally used as the anti-skid brick. It is made by high pressure pressing of rock debris, with no glaze rough surface, general glossiness and good anti-skid performance; the anti-skid performance of glazed tiles is good, and the anti pollution ability of glazed tiles with surface glaze treatment is strong. Although the anti-skid performance is not as good as that of whole body tiles, it is far better than polished tiles and vitrified tiles; The mosaic brick has good skid resistance. The individual block of the brick is small, and there is a certain gap between the blocks, so as to enhance the skid resistance.

2、 Treatment of antiskid in toilet floor

In addition to the use of anti-skid floor tiles, anti-skid pads can also be used for the toilet floor, because they are easy to age, it is recommended to replace them frequently, and their size and color can be selected according to personal preferences and needs; In addition, high-quality anticorrosive wood can also be used. Generally, the moisture-proof property of wood materials is poor and water absorption is strong. However, the anticorrosive wood has been specially dehydrated, which has outstanding moisture-proof and drainage effects. It can be paved on the tiles, purchased by area, or pieced together; There are many families in the bathroom decoration will ask the construction personnel to do more special technology to enhance the anti-skid effect, for example, in the ordinary anti-skid tile surface for a certain cutting treatment, can play a mosaic anti-skid effect, but does not affect the appearance. The drainage channel can also be reserved around to drain the water quickly. However, tile cutting is permanent and cannot be changed once completed; finally, pebbles can be laid, especially in the space for shower. Cobblestone has outstanding anti-skid function, and standing on it can promote blood circulation of human body, which is conducive to health. However, the price of pebbles is relatively high, and the construction process is relatively complex, which needs to be selected according to its own conditions.